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Originally Posted by QRCC2B View Post
Thank you for your reply!

I know of the destinations and a lot about the airline. Done a lot of research. They probably don't like what they see as they have rejected my application several times? Might be a good idea to ask for feedback if they reject it again, would they give it?

Hello ,
There are many airline's out there why would you want to apply to BMED so many time's ? , Have you ever thought of applying to British Airways , Virgin , Jal , Ana , Silverjet , Easyjet and charter Airlines (Which pay very well , but you work hard ) .

Also a good start is to apply as a passenger service Agen't for a Airline . An at least when passenger's ask you Question's you will be able to answer them . Maybe you need more customer service experiance .

Good luck , And remember Airline's will not give feedback !!
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