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Originally Posted by SuperBoy View Post
Very few people at BMED actually speak any of those languages - For BMED it's more of a nice to have than actually being a need to have.

QRCC2B - Apply to them, See what happens but I would say make VERY VERY sure that you are happy with the destinations (research the destinations etc.) Eg. There has barely been a seize fire agreement in place in Lebanon and BMED crew are staying in Beirut, before the runway has even been properly repaired.

On the flipside though they did get the crew out of the country rather efficiently when the first bombs dropped, if that is any consolation.

I hope you make the right decision for you. I made the right decision for me by leaving them.

Good Luck!!!
Thank you for your reply!

I know of the destinations and a lot about the airline. Done a lot of research. They probably don't like what they see as they have rejected my application several times? Might be a good idea to ask for feedback if they reject it again, would they give it?

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