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single pilot lear?

hey coastrider, have you ever seen a learjet? any lear (except some 23 and 24 series) is a multi crew FAR25 airplane that requires 2 pilots! the reason why some airlines don't like that kind of flying time is not because of the fact that it is a learjet. it is only because they like time in airplanes that are heavier than 20000 kg take off weight. so it wouldn't matter what type of light to medium jet you fly, you would always run into the same kind of problems with recognizing the flying time. but after all it's still turbine time ;-) the question with the bank loan. is easy to answer. because most of the companies just relay you to credit institutions that will give you a loan.
a little more info about asg. i actually did their lear program and i am not a friend of otto or so. i don't even know the guy. i talked to him once and that was it. just to stop all the people who are pi***d off at them from going crazy at me and start sending me all those great replies. i started the lear program 2003 and i was and i am still very satisfied with it. i also know a lot of other satisfied pilots that did their program too. so this program wasn't a scam back then when we did it. we all got our flying time and i never washed a lear either ;-) anyways. i also understand that a bunch of people didn't get their money back after enrolling in the end, because the certificate holder in the states that asg was working with (and were asg was sending all the foreign co pilots to) got their 135 charter certificate pulled by the faa. it was not because of the foreign co pilots. it had other operational reasons. after that they just got eaten by their ongoing operational cost after they couldn't fly any more. and that's the short version of the bankrupcy story ;-) as far as it goes to some of the other great stories that co's were washing lears and not flying : it was and still is their own fault. the reason is that they should have complained to the certificate holder and they would have gotten them another gig were they would have been busier. they had like 50 lears at one point and time with operator all over the states and there was always the opportunity to go somewhere. you just had to be flexible. i lived all over the states. a lot of those people just were too convenient and too lazy to relocate. especially they were acting as employees and not as customers, so it was just their own inexperience or lazyness (of at least one person that i know ;-)) anyways long story short ;-) as far as i understand is asg nowadays a big scam and i wouldn't trust them with even with parking my car ;-) so i wouldn't go with anything that they have to offer especially after i saw that they didn't pay some people their money back that they have paid for a program that they didn't receive. as far as paying for training or flying time. it helps sometimes to get an advantage over other pilots ;-) it helped me ;-) please also excuse if there are any gramatical irregularities, since english is not my native language ;-) contact me if you have any questions.
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