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It would be nice to have some more info to see what ASG did to help you with training. Things like:

Do they have a contact at a bank in case you need a loan to get the money?

If ASG is a good school/agent the bank would be willing to do business with them for quite some time.

More information about the learjet program in general

In the past the people going through ASG ended up washing planes instead of flying them, the only opportunity they got at "driving" it was driving shotgun on a tow truck

What kind of operation did you end up with?

Because Learjet time IMHO is not highly valued by a lot of airlines as it's a single pilot plane. And even flying a C-172 might be a job to some people

Why was there never a revision to that article in Nieuwe Revu?*

Why isn't there an ASG or any of the other names in the Dutch commercial register?
I'm sure you'll have a contract stating it somewhere if so please post it.

If I read seaeagle's and fat Clemenza's posts earlier this thread first thing that comes to mind Rip off.
than again you might not be able to answer that question KLM1234

* Nieuwe Revu is a magazine in the Netherlands (home country of Otto V.)which had an article in it couple of years ago about ASG and how people got ripped off by this guy.

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