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You're right absolutely right we should give you some credit it takes a lot of guts to set up a new screenname. And I think we should know a bit more before judging you.

<This is where the fun starts>
All parts in Bold are quotes from Friendship's previous posts

1. If you do use google using: "asg b737 Hong Kong" You'll find these places.

Now if you had the time of your LIFE flying the Lear Jet why didn't you call mr Otto V. directly as this is the guy that made it happen to you. If you do a google this site comes up but than again why not call Otto V. directly?!?!?!?.

2. So that explains the first post. I’m just so wondered about all the negative posts. I know there are several guys not very happy with ASG because they cot “*****”

Now admitting people got fcuked by this person but still backing him up as being a good guy doesn't make a lot of sense to me. But I am glad you'll admit people got ****** and had to work over 18 hours a day to pay off bank loans because the acused mr V. did not pay back tbeir money despite him not offering those services as per contract. I recall something about bankruptcy or something likewise but not sure about this.

If this would be your first post how do you found out about PM's so quickly?? Isn't it easier for people to send an email so they know who they'll get the info from??

3. I have a great job in st. Maarten right now thanks to ASG!
Now what did Otto exactly do to get you your current job?? If this job is so great why would you be interesting in leaving your current job for a 737 job which pays less than other contract work???

4. Very funny I see always the same nicknames say bad things about ASG…… Have you had experience with ASG??
Really, everyone who wish to have more details please PM me!!!

Now this is interesting making statements without doing the least amount of research coming to conclusions like this baffles me least said. With regard to myself i can say I've never spoken in a negative way about somebody as far as 404Titan who I don't know but a quick look at his previous posts I can pretty much say the same. The fact you did not say this in your first post clearly shows to me you're trying to give us a bad name why would you want to that???

As for my conclusion about you: You're clearly mr V. himself or a person with a low IQ. First going through an organisation you know had a bad name and than willing to pay US$ 30K or whatever. After having the time of your life moving to ST Maarten /ST Martin you're now willing to pay more money to get a job..This is why the jobmarket in Europe got sick people like you. In short my advice to other people reading this post.Please disregard everything what friendship posted with exception of the part people got fcucked...(Ps FCUK is poplure brand of clothing)

Looking forward to your reply Friendship.

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