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My personal SWP just gave me a caution light because I hope this thread isn't going to degenerate into another where manufacturers (except Lu's apparent favourite, the big "S") get a slagging for alleged poor design.

I haven't flown the single Squirrel but Lu's cyclic stirring test doesn't let the manufacturer down on the twin with basically the same hydraulic system. On a different AS type we used to use that same test to check for a suspected faulty drag damper rather than try to test fly for a suspected design limitation of the hydraulic pump output.

Lu, a pilot is taught to understand and respect the idiosynchrasies and limitations of each machine that he flies. Most aircraft have them, because there is no such thing as care-free handling just yet although it is obviously a desirable design aim.

For example, I would not try some of the manoeuvres I have flown in the AS341 or AS355 or even AS332 in an S-76 because the rotor would overspeed as soon as you tried them. Similarly, one or two manoeuvres I used to do in my display sequence in the AS332 would possibly kill you in the S-70 due to aircraft design peculiarities (and in fact one of them was specifically prohibited). These things are not generally design faults, but aircraft limitations. I don't have any problem whatsoever with this, it's what I get paid for as a professional pilot.

From your many previous posts I can fully understand that you would like to redesign many items on many aircraft and I can sense your frustration that you haven't been able to do so. Unfortunately we don't live in an ideal world where all aircraft are 100% compliant with & safe iaw your own personal design parameters!

I used to safely enjoy 360 and 540 degree handbrake turns in the snow in my small hatchback. I wouldn't try handbrake turns in my people carrier or an articulated lorry or on a ride-on lawnmower. Does that make people carriers, artics and lawnmowers inherently dangerous or poorly dsigned? I don't think so, it would make me stupid for trying.

Watch out Frank, I think you might need your tin hat on again any minute now....

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