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I see we are getting some where. I point out that jack stall is a detail, and you talk about the rotor heads flying off Robbos. I talk about the comparison of Jack Stall to other design gotchas, and you talk about the rotor heads flying off Robbos.

Shall we ignore the Robbo, and return back to the fact that Jack Stalls are NOT a design flaw?

You said : >>No helicopter should be designed and certified if there is a possibility of experiencing “jack stall” or to have a mechanical part of the rotorhead that under certain circumstances can cause the loss of the helicopter.<<

I say: Dont all helicopters have a certain circumstance that can cause loss of the helicopter? What negative G and applied roll rate in a teetering head helicopter? What about fully lowering the collective at the bottom of an auto? What about flying them into a fog bank and trying to hover? How did anyone manage to get any of them certified?

Again: The AS350 is an outstanding aircraft. Enjoy it's huge capability and dont fly it against the POH - like EVERY OTHER AIRCRAFT.

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