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To GA: I agree.

To Lu: your sweeping statements are why I love this forum so much. Lets look at your call that >>something bad will happen if the pilot violates the cautionary statements in the POH<<



Isn't that WHY there is a POH?

As for "design flaw", I assume you were joking.

Jack stall is a detail inless you execute a high G (generally high speed) manuever. Why would you do that? The condition was demonstrated on the endorsement course (and all AS350 pilots should have seen it). The AS355 even has a limit light to tell you that jack stall is approaching (though I cannot imagine having my eyes inside during high G rapid manuevering).

Is this a design flaw compared to the Bell teetering head which will come off under negative G if not handled IAW the POH? Or compared to fixed wing aircraft which will stall and spin if not handled IAW the POH? Or compared to Loss of Tail Rotor Effectiveness in the B206 if not handled IAW the POH? You getting the picture?

The AS350 is an outstanding aircraft. Enjoy it's huge capability and dont fly it against the POH - like EVERY OTHER AIRCRAFT.

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