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What you invisage happening is not what I described and is, frankly, rubbish. The feedback forces exert a force equal to the maximum available from the jack so it can no longer move. It has nothing to do with bypass valves.

"From what I understand the Aerospatiale helicopter in this discussion has a hydraulic system that could be considered low pressure by comparison to the systems used in other helicopters."

Really? Its the same as many production helicopters.

"Both the restrictions on the Aerospatiale products and the Robinson are to compensate for a design flaw."

Helicopters are designed to do a job. If you exceed the design spec or limits you lose your right to sue. The helicopter concerned conforms to FAR 27, I would suggest you back your comments up with hard facts before making sweeping and rather slanderous allegations about things you patently understand close to nothing.

Why not get a copy of FAR 27, or even AC27 (flight test specs), read it then sue the FAA because you don't like what it says?
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