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1. Servo Transparency - Discussed with a Eurocopter flight tester engineer today. The phrase is a direct translation from French - To a Frenchman it makes perfect sense, interestingly another ALAT pilot I spoke to translated the French phrase immediately to "Jack Stall" (heavy French accent required). The implication in French is that the jack appears to be no longer there.

2. Steve you are just about there. The point is that the aerodynamic loads fed back by the rotor system to the flying controls exceed the maximum force that the servo-jacks can exert. In effect you now have manual flying controls which, given that the jacks are stronger that you (I assume ) is impossible to move in the desired direction. If you ease the loading the problem disappears, ie reduce the manoeuvre or lower the collective. Unfortunately as you are most likely at the edge of the flight envelope if you are close to the ground the consequences can be disasterous.

This is not so much a design flaw as a flight limitation, and common on small helicopters with parallel flying controls.
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