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Don't become an airline pilot ! You obviously like to shoot from the hip without thinking. I don't think the airline HR people will go for people like you with that kind of thinking. Being an airline pilot has NEVER been easy, why should it be any easier for you. We all have had our hard luck stories in getting to the airlines, I'm sure you don't want to hear about mine. Do pilots bitch about their jobs ? You bet they do !! After 20 years at my airline, my pension all but gone, my pay has been cut by 30% the work rules have drastically been changed ... and you pass judgement on me and my colleagues ? If you ever become an airline pilot, remember your own words, they will bite you in your sanctimonius ass.
BTW I still enjoy and appreciate the job I have, but you have no experience in being in my shoes and knowing the reality of being an airline pilot.
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