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Norman Stanley Fletcher
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Cheekychapt - your analysis of 'rich daddies' is not really accurate. Sure, there are individuals who were fortunate enough to have parents to support their ambitions and some even luckier ones who managed to get the Queen to pay for it by flying in the armed forces. Arguably the luckiest of all are those that managed to persuade national carriers like BA to pay for their training, had a wonderful career, earnt enormous somes of money, before retiring at 55 with a pension larger than a low cost captain's salary! Frankly, I do not grudge them one penny of it, but they were nonetheless incredibly fortunate. Nowadays, there are genuine opportunities to control debt by going to companies like CTC who, after a rigorous selection procedure, will lend you money with a vitrual guarantee of an airline job at the end.

The vast majority are people in aviation, however, are people who took enormous financial risks such as leaving secure jobs, selling homes, taking huge loans etc and set out with no guarantees but pursuing their chidhood dream. The real tragedy is that not all of them made it. I have nothing but the greatest respect for such people and would always do anything to help them.

In terms of gratitude about flying, many people know how fortunate they are. Every day of my life I am profoundly grateful for the opportunities life has brought me and frankly dread the day when it all finishes. Nonetheless, I want to preserve the good job I have in terms of quality of life and future prospects. Therefore like many pilots, I choose to fight the attacks on our future lives that are ever more powerful. Also, when issues arise within our companies that are clearly unacceptable then we also choose to stand our ground and fight in addition to highlighting the issues within our own professional communities. That does not mean we are not grateful for the job - it just means we will not sit back and be taken advantage of by unscrupulous individuals who would rob us blind and leave us in the street with nothing.

Best of luck in the future. The battles you see being played out here are the ones that will guarantee people like yourself have a bright future as a pilot. Otherwise you may just become a slave to the seeping sores on the backside of aviation like Michael O'Leary.
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