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@White Knight

Why a 319LR is a bad choice for medium ops? First of all I was already a pax on this 319 and it is in points of pax comfort equal to a "real" long range aircraft.
Just because at least one ME airline starts to use it`s brain to reduce costs on low densitiy sectors it doesn`t mean they offer a bad product. I find the 319(I guess as well Airbus does!) fits perfect for 6-7 hour flights from the ME to europe - why should you use a 330 for, lets say 80 Passengers? It would be just uneconomic!

An other thing - I read often the word copy in regard of Emirates and Qatar Airways - do you really think Emirates did develop everything by themself, please .......... I think they where as well really busy copying European and Asian Airlines .

I think places to go in the ME are Qatar Airways and Emirates, Etihad are still ignorants beeing just fixed on typerated guys, gulf air playing in a totally other, much poorer, league.

I am aware of some really bad threads about Qatar Airways, however, honestly I hardly believe most of the stories coming from always the same writers. If I think back to some of my previous companies, I could write a lot of bad things nearly matching the post about Qatar. And I worked for airlines like lauda air and swiss...
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