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Right here goes, going into really saddo mode here

So if this was the in the 1970s, just looking at the loss records for the 70s.


Of the 7 a/c lost, 3 were 74 Sqn machines which crashed in Singapore, and a 226 OCU T.4 crashed in Norfolk.

2 others crashed into the North Sea and were classified as fatal.

Which leaves F.3 XP742 of 111 abandoned over the North Sea near Gt.Yarmouth on 7/5/70.


Of the 10 Lightnings lost this year, 3 were in Cyprus and one a F.2A in Germany. One other was declared Cat 5 on landing after a mid-air with a FAF Mirage, and another crashed at Watty as a result of a premature rotation.

That leaves 4, one of which was of undetermined cause but registered as a fatal, F.3 XP736 of 29 which crashed into the sea off Gt. Yarmouth.

Another F.3 crashed into the sea off the Gt.Yamouth on 25/1/71, F.6 XS898 crashed into the River Tay on 28/4/71, and F.6 XS902 crashed into the sea off Grimsby on 26/5/71.


Of the 5 that crashed in 72, F.3s XP747 and XP747 crashed after a mid-air near Harwich, and a F.3 crashed at Watty on take-off.
That just leaves 2 Tubs, a 226 OCU T.4 crashed 35 miles off the Norfolk coast on 14/12/72, and a T.5 that crashed off Spun Head on 6/9/71.


Of the 3 this year, 1 was in Cyprus and 1 was a Cat 5d at Wattisham after the u/c collapsed on landing.
The other was another 226 OCU T.4 abandoned off Gt.Yarmouth.


Of the 3 in 74, 2 crashed over land and F.6 XR768 crashed into the North Sea 3 miles off Mablethorpe after a reheat fire on 29/10/74.


The only loss this year was in Cyprus

The only loss this year was F.6 XR762 abandoned off Spurn Head after a u/c failure.


Only loss was a RAFG T.4 which crashed near Gutersloh.

With no losses in 1978, that just leaves the 3 in 1979. One of these was again in Cyprus and another abandoned near RAF Valley after another u/c failure. That just leaves F.6 XS931 abandoned off Flamborough head after a control restriction caused by FOD.

So, take yer pick.......
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