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Critter strike

Except for the occasional arctic tern wacked and sliced by the big flat paddles of CV580 props coming out of Longyear, Spitsbergen, the only interesting hit I've ever had was a [big] bunny rabbit while night landing at EBBR. The bunny just raced down the centreline to get away from us and for once I was on the centreline. Loud bang under the floorboards and the centreline went dark. Beggar took out our taxi light. What a stinking mess!

More interesting though is the adventure of a friend of mine who had to report a lobster strike. Madtrap will back me up on this. Seems our Tracker jock did one ID pass too many on some poor hard working fishermen while patrolling the East Coast and the annoyed lobsterman threw one up in front of him as he saw the a/c coming back for yet one more low-low pass alongside his fishing boat. For those of you who aren't familiar, Mrs. Grumman builds a solid airplane. A market-size lobster will only make a small dent in the nose cap at 150 kts.

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