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I know it is fashionable to bag AOPA and I agree that some of their activities of the recent past have been well, ill advised and somewhat ridiculous.

That said, re-read what Bertram actually said in the release.

"Ron Bertram today said that AOPA understood the sentiment behind the call"

and later

"but we do understand why GA pilots would want to join such a protest after seeing airspace hijacked by a handful of union airline pilots a greedy air traffic controllers”

Nowhere does he encourage involvement or participation in the "event'

I too can understand the sentiment, but I do recognise it to be misplaced and operationally stupid. The wording is very cleverly put, possibly as a result of a legal input.

I'm not defending AOPA's "understanding" but I don't see much value in attacking what some 'think' (or wished) was said.

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