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Another GE90 IFSD. It should also be noted that this does not apear to have been shutdown as an unnecesary precaution as the unit was swapped out. There was a thread on this a couple of months back that contained basic statistical analysis that pointed to (to me) quite a worrying allowable amount of shutdowns whilst retaining ETOPS.

Since then there have been a few more, within predictable and allowable margins or course, but still it seems to be shall we say not an uncommon occurance, about 1 a month.

You have to wonder about Boeings sanity in comitting to a single powerplant for all HGW 777's, as

a)an unfortunate incident could kill the program and
b) 2 of the largest 777 operators are Rolls customers and this has stalled what should have been slam dunk orders

As too what would happen if BA was ready to comitt to 15 RR powered 300ER's + options, well I have to wonder what would happen if SIA said they'd be down for another 20 or so as well! Or, hang on I have the number for Mr Airbus here somewhere.... NZ's engine choice is a bit of a puzzler if they are looking for ER's.

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