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I was making reference to gas paths comments about a suspected "Collapsed Scavenge tube".

What else could be the problem except either quality/ manufacturing or design?

Please don't look deaper into my comments than what is already in this thread.

Facts (Rumours) as reported in this thread:
An IFSD of a GE90-115B on a 777-300ER on a pre-delivery flight.
Delivery to AF has been pushed back by a few days.
I don't know what went wrong.
It is suspected that an oil scavenge tube failed as reported by gas path.
This could be quality or design - nothing else possible?!
As an aside 747FOCAL has raised a high weight stability problem causing flight crew and pax nausia!

I think this is a fair summary of the thread to date. Please correct if I have got any of this wrong.


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