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Many have questioned, shouted, nagged at CX about there CoS etc. for many many moons (pprune about CX thousand of pages) BUT there are still here..nothing has been done, never will.. Never had a strike (CX pilot too professional for that), unlike the flight attendant, I think they got a better deal. we just negiotiate and hope the union will help. The pilots did nothing just sat there like a spolit child, the management kept churning out CoS like self covid tests. Most people at CX accepted CoS (grumble for a few weeks, stiff uppper lip etc) will never walk away., some will stay and moan (like a $3 lady of the night) , cadets got the worst deal.. useless license and hours, dont really fly the plane just monitor endless hours...not far from as a Emirates airline FIrst class "shower attendants. Nothing will happen, if you dont do anything, I think the opportunity to do anything has gone a long time ago, what left at CX is like the shops in Hong Kong.. gone to the dogs. Just let it be... and move on. USA, Middle east and Europe.. good hunting.
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