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Originally Posted by Silent Treatment View Post
I witnessed this debacle live and was amazed by the amount of misinformation presented by the current GMF and by the amount of candidates who genuinely seemed interested in taking up a position at CX.
I saw a couple of slides and it states that a Package for an FO is $HKD 1.61 mil. It says that FOs get 42 Days annual leave. Flexible Benefits cover.

From day 1 CX is already lying! You will NOT earn $1.61 mil if you’re on a pax fleet not for a long time, the rostering system is specifically tailored to keep everyone slightly below min productivity hours, you’ll be lucky to make anything above min basic salary per month. This is block hours, for example, a Shanghai is about a 14 hour day out in the current climate, only 6ish hours are recognised. Food for thought.

Annual leave for first officers is 35 days not 42 days, another lie.

Healthcare - let’s just say, the doctors here in the public sector are close to useless. Classic run of the mill and if they don’t know what it is they’ll throw their hands up in the air and send you to an equally useless specialist in about 2 years. “But My family and I will have private insurance through the company!” Yes you do, but make sure you don’t stay in hospital for more than a day or see a specialist more than 3 times because that’s when you’ll hit your limits without being informed and realise the company will be deducting $$$$ out of your salary that you’ll probably be paying back for years to come. (This is from first hand experience).

Even in the EK roadshows they will tell you hey we’ll work you hard and we are up front about it and don’t expect to commute because we’re going to restrict the roster to not allow it.
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