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Originally Posted by rudestuff View Post
Yes really.

The CAA link you have quoted clearly states that non-UK EASA licences issued before the cutoff can be converted to UK licences.

The EU has published conversion rules (again it's all in the link you shared) stating what must be done. They've also said that it's up to individual states how that's interpreted.

The general interpretation is that if you passed the EASA ATPL examinations in the UK when it was a member state and they are still valid ​then those examinations meet that requirement and don't need to be retaken. The 7 year validity rule will be counted from the last EASA IR validity - effectively rendering all UK ATPL exams valid until 2028 at the latest. A victory for common sense.

Obviously any UK-only licences issued post-cutoff do not meet this requirement. The real victims at the moment are those who held a UK-issued EASA licence but who were grandfathered into EASA, since they never took the exams in the first place.
I might be one of those victims! I originally got my ATPL theory credit through a combination of a few EASA exams and military exemptions. This satisfied EASA's ATPL theoretical knowledge prior to Brexit. Under the above scheme, do you think someone like Malta would still insist on seeing 14 exam passes despite an individual already holding an ATPL that was fully EASA compliant until last year?
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