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Instead of labelling all Cathay pilots as hopeless, why don’t you try and view circumstances from their point of view.

Leaving CX for a certain American cargo airline means you leave HKG. A huge appeal for many. No more constant testing, the threat of quarantine, unable to see family not in HKG, not being able to leave hotels on a layover, a management that pretends to care for employee welfare but the evidence shows otherwise.
NO indication that a return to some normality is imminent or even possible. The current renumeration following a 40% permanent pay cut gives no reason to tolerate all that.

The issues at the American cargo airline have been identified and discussed at the wattsapp groups so the ones that leave to go there will make an informed decision and in their judgement it is still better than being in CX and languishing in HKG. What does that say about CX?

Many cannot see a future here. They have sacrificed a lot to leave their home countries in terms of family connections, and lifestyles and did it when there was a clear financial benefit. That no longer holds true. And HKG has increasingly become Authoritarian and anti “foreigner”, a term they love to use in HKG.

As for rosters not being legal by CX practices. Many here are doing rosters that previously were not legal. Think closed loop and EDTF. Rosters are habitually late, you can’t swap anything as that process has been deliberately suspended.

As for your statement about the discussion concerning the American cargo airline being an “obsession” I think you are projecting. And as for it being “scary” that’s what I expect a management type would say.

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