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Originally Posted by Highrod View Post
Great attitude too your condescending tone judging English abilities when this is probably the only language you know. That's not really the point here.

Asia has zero standards and no protection for workers, leaving all components ready for some potential disasters.

A bit of dignity would help mercenaries to keep quiet instead of comforting this management, which could definitely get improved by observing and applying what other airlines in developed countries are doing. Of course the post colonial trauma still strongly present in Vietnam doesn't help.

Definition of mercenary;

A professional soldier hired to serve in a foreign army.

Honestly can you not think of a name that is relevant to the situation. Or better still stop calling people names.

Here is some you could try: Breadwinner. Primary income provider, although that depends on spousal income. Family supporter, or if need be SURVIVALIST..

Anyway IMHO VNA continues to support their expat pilots well considering they are surviving on government loans.

As far as your sweeping claims of colonial trauma, whatever that implies but may be aimed at the French, and lack of worker support, you might be surprised at what Vietnam does for its people. Certainly its commendable and I would say comparable to some developed countries. You may be somewhat misinformed.

If you think as a contract pilot that you should be able to access the same benefits I would say its another indication of a somewhat narcissist or entitled personality trait you should get looked at


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