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Originally Posted by Thumb War View Post
Sadly I think you are spot on. So the question now becomes - when will the election be held?
Constitutionally between August 2021 and May 2022.

It’s too close to call at the moment, so the government will probably want to stretch it out as along as possible to gain a bit more support and for voters to forget about the bungled vaccine rollout and other scandals.

It was strongly rumoured to be Oct/Nov this year but with the bungled rollout? Depends on how the next few months go. The government will still get a bit of a lift from Australians remembering how bad it was overseas last year and how we were relatively alright, but that still fade.

My thought is that they’ll keep the borders shut, deliver an election budget, tell Australians we’re the “envy of the world”, and the media assists with lots of pictures of unvaccinated third world countries and none of open vaccinated countries.

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