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[QUOTE=AerialPerspective;11050970]Not at any point did I indicate a 'government' person be appointed GG - how about a bloody constitutional scholar or someone with experience in the law since the principal reason for the position is signing Acts of Parliament into law - goodness forbid we actually have someone who can sit on the Federal Executive Council and provide advice to Ministers and the PM on the constitutionality of the laws they are passing - maybe so many of them wouldn't end up being struck down as un-constitutional.

The point being made was that any Government person or anyone in any industry would have had to follow orders in their career path.

"let's face it, a lot of the military have made their career by following orders, how the hell does that qualify someone for this type of position????

Well all, not a lot, have a career in the military by following, and giving orders. Which means having experience in o
rganizing and supervising large bodies of personal not only in every day events but significant events and thereby having that experience that Betty the scone maker does not. Is this experience available in the private sector, yes to a large extent it is but these people are in all likelihood not interested in a Government appointed position.

As indicated anyone that has achieved elsewhere, CEO’s, Barrister’s etc would find the role as GG as a stepdown financially as well as restrictive, hence who is available?

I DO NOT have an objection to 'a' ex military person being appointed to the GG position, just that this government everytime it has a vacancy for just about anything it appoints someone ex military - GG, commissions, special project groups, etc. They can NOT look beyond the military. We've had some excellent GGs in the past and not many of them were ex military, that alone suggests the ADF shouldn't be the only source for these vacancies.

This does sound like an objection to having military appointed to a vacancy. And see above about who else would be available that would take a step down to fill the position.

(incidentally, I think you meant 'tow' the line, unless you were making some oblique reference to toe-cutters - or 'tow' cutters).

No I did mean "toe the line" "Toe the line" is an idiomatic expression meaning either to conform to a rule or standard

While I wouldn't want the US system in total, their cabinet being outside the legislature and responsible to the President at least provides for the appointment of a Doctor as Surgeon-General, an experienced lawyer or prosecutor to Attorney-General or an expert in their field appointed as Cabinet Secretary of whatever department handles what they are expert in.

Totally agree.

I also never at any point suggested the 'scone maker' be appointed to a position, that's ridiculous.

No you did not. I was making the point of who else would fill the vacancy positions?

In respect to ex ADF personal being placed in positions by the "Govenmint". I in no way suggest that these are the best people for the job nor that they would be highly successful in the position they take on. But they have a better chance of being successful more than Betty the scone maker (who knows maybe she/he/it/ would be a better GG). Unfortunately the ADF is like the Government in that if you play the game you will advance but in playing the game you are learning skills. Not like the politicians whose skills set is staying in power and if this means not serving your constitutes so be it. Again I come back to the question who else is going to fill the position, and wants to do so, with a better chance of doing so successfully.

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