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Originally Posted by Roller Merlin View Post
Portable and cheap ADSB traffic systems for VFR were approved in July 2020, so the game has changed. A Sky Echo ADSB in/out VFR box is the size of a fag packet, mounts on the window of any lighty and costs $900 - every user and other IFR can see each other out to 40miles. These incidents would virtually stop overnight if CASA were to mandate ADSB in CTAFs where RPT operate.
Technology should only be used to support a decent lookout scan and Situational Awareness, in VMC Alerted, see and avoid is required to prevent collisions. I fear these skills are not being developed as people rely more and more on technology. This recent accident in the USA highlights midairís still occur within controlled airspace and Iím sure the Cirrus would have been equipped with the latest tech.
Midair collision USA
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