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Yes, it is difficult in the situation the thread is about.

Situation 1: (note: this is not the one the thread is about) Flying a Cessna 172 on downwind when there's a crosswind. What to do: Turn the nose slightly into the wind, look at whether you're travelling parallel to the runway, if not then turn slightly to correct, return to "look at..." and repeat as necessary

Situation 2: (note: this is the one the thread is about) Flying a jet under IFR, when ATC says "Speedwood 6969, fly track 280." Procedure: ???

Can you fill in the "???" (never mind a Cessna 172 under IFR getting the same instruction...)

Before you say something like "easy, select track 280!" Remember that many, many jets (including ones with FMS and IRS and GPS and lots of other acronyms) don't have this feature.

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