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Well, we can go back and forth all day on this. Almost 85% of all covid deaths are in people over 75 (and the vast majority of those over 80). Further, when you take out that demographic, you have about a 0.03% chance of dying of covid. If you think that should have resulted in the entire shutdown of our nations economies, the destruction of millions of business and family wealth, the tyrannical overturning of normal democratic societies, the absence of treatment for cancer patients, heart patients, the dramatic increase in suicides and effectively the most hysterical over-reaction in modern history, then sure, it's been a tremendous success. Oh, and go ahead and compare those states in America that instituted draconian lockdowns with those that did almost no lockdown. Surprise...hardly any difference in per capita deaths. I don't mind if you wish to wear three masks and hide under your bed for another year or so. Just don't assume that many of us who see this differently will put up with you and your ilk impinging on our right to live as we see fit.
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