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Why does Hong Kong still have a 21 day quarantine policy?

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Why does Hong Kong still have a 21 day quarantine policy?

Old 3rd Apr 2021, 04:07
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Why does Hong Kong still have a 21 day quarantine policy?

Not mine. Saw this on the HK quarantine Facebook group. Thought-provoking 👍 what do you think?

" Why does Hong Kong still have a 21 day quarantine policy?
Why does the WHO and every other government on the planet believe that the virus has a maximum incubation period of 14 days? This policy continues without even the slightest hint at any scientific evidence to back it up.
Oh, how about the positive cases on the day 19 test?
Here's the problem,people are tested upon arrival and 12 days later and then again on day 19, the answer for those positive cases is right there and very apparent. If there were other cases worldwide found after 14 days of quarantine then the answer could be doubtful,but there isn't,so Hong Kong remains the only place on the planet that people 'apparently' become positive after 14 days,but in reality that seems impossible.
Firstly there is no test on day 13, 14 or 15, and those who test positive on day 19 were almost certainly positive on one of those days, or Hong Kong has its very own variant which is different from everywhere else in the world. Or, the day 12 test was administered incorrectly in some form,and mistakes have been made with testing on repeated occasions in Hong Kong.
Another possibility is contamination and infection in quarantine, are more of these cases found in particular hotels?
I think there were only 2 cases found in Hong Kong before the 21 day policy came into effect,and it was reported that there may have been a problem with the testing of those cases,but even so,these new world record setting cases have only really appeared after the policy was implemented.
The release of CT values of those found positive on the day 19 cases would be useful and give an indication of how long they have been positive,but this is not released,this would also help scientists in Hong Kong and the world understand why the incubation period is longer in Hong Kong.
To be silent on this issue gives approval to a policy without rhyme or reason.The new 'concessions' will not help many people that are ensnared in this madness,and pressure must be maintained to end this inhumane policy."
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Old 3rd Apr 2021, 04:45
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Would you rather be like Lion city every day import double figures positive cases?
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Old 3rd Apr 2021, 04:59
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We would rather a policy at least based on some partial scientific basis.
21 days Q is a de facto travel ban. Just she hasn’t got the balls ( lit. and figuratively) to call it as it should be.
And it’s screwing over our profession and livelihoods.
During “medical surveillance” one is tested 5 times in 20 days. Complete and utter overkill. And complete and utter .

Our esteemed administration ( don’t dignify it with the term government) have even mooted putting the ‘fruit loopers’ in to 21 days quarantine. There’s not an airline on the planet ( save Air Koryo perhaps ) that can function that way.
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Old 3rd Apr 2021, 05:04
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If it means opening up boarders, yes.
COVID isn't going anywhere, we need to learn to live with it.
After all the worlds population is vaccinated and herd immunity Is in effect there will still be cases of COVID somewhere on the planet, do you want to have a 21 day quarantine at the boarder for the rest of the human races time on this planet?
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Old 4th Apr 2021, 13:39
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In that case why not make it 21 weeks as others have suggested perhaps even without suitable tongue in cheek. That'll show that pesky virus who's in charge!

And whilst I'm here, why is the UK still classed as extrememly high risk, with any travel to HK forbidden, save the couple of designated flights later this month? UK Covid data and vaccination rate multiple times better than France for example and yet one can travel to HK from there and other EU countries. No apparent logic whatsoever. Perhaps purely politics.
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Old 4th Apr 2021, 16:40
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You'ld have to be blind to not see that this is nearly entirely political. The facts you just stated clearly show that, never mind the almost Soviet like authoritarianism that has enveloped what were once free countries. I won't even get into facts such as that there seem to suddenly be no cases of "flu" anymore. "there is none so blind as someone who will not see"...
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Old 5th Apr 2021, 01:26
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There is barely any flu case due to social distancing measures, endless school closures, and non-existent international travels. Not everything is a big conspiracy.
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Old 5th Apr 2021, 01:48
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If you seriously believe that is the reason there is not much I can say to you. There are still thousands of people coming in contact with each other daily, and yet (in the USA) almost no recorded cases of the flu. I am sure the financial incentives paid to hospitals to record cases as "covid" had nothing to do with that curious anomaly....
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Old 5th Apr 2021, 02:23
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Flu cases also very low in Australia, since social distancing/ basic hygiene like washing hands etc, and hospitals have no such incentive. Your explanation?
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Old 5th Apr 2021, 03:40
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Well, we can go back and forth all day on this. Almost 85% of all covid deaths are in people over 75 (and the vast majority of those over 80). Further, when you take out that demographic, you have about a 0.03% chance of dying of covid. If you think that should have resulted in the entire shutdown of our nations economies, the destruction of millions of business and family wealth, the tyrannical overturning of normal democratic societies, the absence of treatment for cancer patients, heart patients, the dramatic increase in suicides and effectively the most hysterical over-reaction in modern history, then sure, it's been a tremendous success. Oh, and go ahead and compare those states in America that instituted draconian lockdowns with those that did almost no lockdown. Surprise...hardly any difference in per capita deaths. I don't mind if you wish to wear three masks and hide under your bed for another year or so. Just don't assume that many of us who see this differently will put up with you and your ilk impinging on our right to live as we see fit.
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Old 5th Apr 2021, 07:57
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Absolutely spot on, MM. A disgraceful unraveling of society over nothing that affects the contributors (read: workforce) who keep the world turning. An absolute farce.
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Old 5th Apr 2021, 08:35
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I love the way people bandy about statistics. Unchecked the death rate would be 1-2%. without distancing, without ITU, without dexamethasone. However that is still not massive and compared with malaria and TB....... the problem is it has effected the developed world and they have had to respond, so yes you could say economy and freedom first and let mortality take the hit. The issue is that 30% of people with significant symptoms and 12% of those with more minor symptoms have persistent medical issues at 12 weeks and the only treatment to date is mRNA vaccination. A majority of those who have had significant symptoms have an abnormal CT chest with interstitial changes months later which wont get a tick for a Class 1. I do wonder if we had followed the 'let it rip' policy how we would have any international travel as many many pilots would have lost their medicals. Please do not forget the long Covid issue
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Old 5th Apr 2021, 13:41
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"...I love the way people bandy about statistics..." Oh, like all the talking head medical "experts" who only wish to convince you the world is ending? As I stated, other than the aged and those with co-morbidity issues, the chances of dying or even getting serious symptoms is less than one percent. There will be more deaths from untreated serious illness (cancer, heart disease etc) resulting from this than any number eventually attributed to covid. And that doesn't even begin to take into account the fallout from the exponential cases of serious depression that leads to alcoholism and suicide. A massive world wide "own goal", that has been foisted on us by venal and corrupt politicians (Cuomo in NY anyone?) and a medical establishment that sees a never ending gravy train as long as they can also keep the hysteria going (Fauci anyone?). I have never witnessed so much mindless and abjectly poor critical thinking ability amongst so many people in my lifetime. A travesty, disgrace and ultimately probably the greatest human tragedy of the modern age.
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Old 5th Apr 2021, 13:52
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Well said. All of it. The greatest outbreak of illiberalism and human rights breaches in living memory. And what is even more surprising is that populaces have, in the main, gone along with it.
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Old 5th Apr 2021, 14:33
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Radgirl alludes above to the effects of covid19 on holding a flying licence medical. Like many pilots with connections to and knowledge of the medical profession I do worry about the casual way that covid deniers assume that they can have a mild to moderate dose of Covid 19 and carry on with a full flying licence.

With one of the licences I hold, I have to perform a spirometry test every year to hold a class 2 medical. My AME informs me that although the numbers are very few so far and not enough to make a case, he and his colleague's experience so far is that it is highly unlikely that anyone who has recovered from moderate Covid19 would be able to perform a satisfactory spirometry test under their jurisdiction.

If you want to keep a flying licence, do not catch this disease. Wear your mask, socially distance and get vaccinated.

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Old 6th Apr 2021, 02:21
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Getting back to the topic of the thread, An easy way to put this question to bed is to release the data showing the amount of initial positive cases of quarantined people after the 14th day. Why can't the government publish this data for all to see?
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Old 6th Apr 2021, 03:14
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G Merch, they release this data daily. No one has tabulated it that I know of. So if you are willing to go through 6 months at least of data that includes the 19th day test then you will get your answer.
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Old 6th Apr 2021, 07:31
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Originally Posted by Globocnik View Post
We would rather a policy at least based on some partial scientific basis.
21 days Q is a de facto travel ban. Just she hasnít got the balls ( lit. and figuratively) to call it as it should be..
I agree with this. It's a way to ban travel without banning travel. Few people can, or would want to, spend 21 days in a hotel room with nothing but Netflix, and Internet-based Self Stimulation.
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Old 6th Apr 2021, 14:07
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Also this comment (not mine) I quote from the original post on FB,
true or not??? hmm

"What is simple? Nobody is confused about the rules. What the post is concerned with,is that the virus has a 14 day incubation period. The government conveniently choose to test people on the 12th day instead of the 14th or 15th day,and therefore catch one or two cases on the 19th day that became positive on the 13 th or 14th day,or cases that had false negatives when tested on the 12th day,or were actually infected during quarantine. The maximum incubation period for this virus is 14 days and there has been no scientific evidence after 130million cases that show it is longer.
Very far from simple."
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Old 6th Apr 2021, 14:13
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IMHO, If AU, NZ, Taiwan, Singapore are all able to almost covid zero with 14 days, why can't me?
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