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Originally Posted by aterpster View Post

The early 767 I flew defaulted to track. I had to select HDG to fly heading.
(I was replying to Tolip's post by "these airplanes" but forgot to hit the quote button, then ended up posting shortly after you, so it looks like I was referring to your airplanes, when I wasn't. Oops!)
I don't doubt that many different airplanes have this feature. But it's specifically designed in and provided to the pilots. But what Tolip is saying is that every IFR plane has this ability naturally as a side effect of being able to fly an instrument approach. After all, if it can follow a track defined by a localizer or VOR radial, why can't it follow a track when ATC says "fly track 280" (from your present position?)

You can see that those are two separate things and the former doesn't imply the latter, but Tolip doesn't seem to be seeing it. Not even having RNAV means you can necessarily do this (i.e., routine vectoring). It may or may not be possible with obscure FMS jiu jitsu (like someone posted for the 737) but even that's still a far cry from having it on a heading-type knob on the glareshield (like your 767), which is what would be needed when they're firing off speeds, headings, and altitudes at you every few seconds.
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