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ron burgandy

It's not just CX that's in trouble but HK itself is the real problem. The need for HK being a destination for much of anything is becoming minimal much to the delight of the ChiComm. They're running the assimilation playbook to a "T" and capitulation is imminent. It won't be la light switch but more like a candle gradually melting away. CX of old is unacceptable to the ChiComm and demand for CX flying is the lowest ever. CX has been the biggest COVId causality airline in the world. Combined with the political situation CX won't ever return to its pre-pandemic traffic and won't be short of crew. This likely pleases the ChiComm immensely. It's almost like they released COVId to destroy HK and CX in one blow. They're up north back slapping and regaling each other with "gotta love it when a plan comes together". Cheers...
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