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Going back a few years, on the Nimrod force with the Maritime Crew Trainer (MCT) we logged our MCT hours on a monthly basis due to Group mandated stats on a monthly/quarterly basis for currency in the various skills and magic that was ASW and ASUW with all it's variations.
This underlines the point that logbooks are not there as a personal memento, though I think all of us will be proud of them for that reason alone; they were always intended to be a personal record as a supervisory tool, even back in WW2. Collecting an individual's activities into one place means that supervisors can quickly gauge experience, see how much flying or synthetic training has been undertaken in the period, see working patterns, find out who is not flying nights etc. That is why logbooks always used to be inspected as part of the CFS visits, pre-AFV checks and the like. Training folders should provide an additional level of detail that you would expect to see used to manage routine requirements, CR work-up and the like, so you still need them.

Given the inexorable move towards shifting training from live to synthetic delivery, it shouldn't come as a surprise if people are being asked to record the synthetic training in more detail. You might instead ask if 10 years from now whether paper log books will still be in use at all. How many working hours do the Services burn annually on the laborious handwritten transfer of data into a book and the subsequent checking by flt and sqn cdrs?
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