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Radio Licence in Austria

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a bit of advice. I am an Austrian ATPL holder, and I am about to do an SEP(land) checkride to reissue the class rating.
I obtained my licence at Oxford Aviation Academy as a (f)ATPL from the UK CAA, which later was unfrozen and 2 years ago transferred to Austrocontrol for professional requirements.
During my time at OAA, obviously we did the theoretical and practical exams to get the radio licence, which was represented in the licence under section XII as ''The holder of this licence has demonstrated competence to operate R/T equipment on board aircraft in English''
This is also, word for word, stated in my Austrocontrol ATPL.
However, my instructor stated I need a separate Radio Licence (AFZ) and need to carry it with me at all times when flying, and thus when doing the exam. I however, wasn't issued one when I converted my licence and neither did I know this was a requirement. Even with the Airbus I fly professionally and had a ramp check in Germany (same requirement apparently) this was never an issue.
My question is, do I actually need to carry one or is section XII of the licence enough? Could this become an issue when being ramp checked on any plane? And could I get one without doing the exams again?

Thanks in advance.
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