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Originally Posted by cxorcist View Post
That’s exactly right STW! If CX breaks the LIFO contracts it has now, why would anyone be so stupid as to believe them going forward? Even facing a furlough, pilots with an inkling of sense should want an employer with enough integrity to honor their contracts. Otherwise, why would anyone sign one of these contracts and want to work for CX? Perhaps CX thinks they can prey on the young, dumb, and inexperienced indefinitely. This thread certainly makes a case for that.
Its a conversation going on in pilot bars around the world regarding CX management;

“They sacked 49 guys to intimidate the others, but I trust them.
They hired direct entry captains in breach of the contract and got away with it by calling them rapid commands, but I trust them.
They shut down the fiasco that was the Paris base on the excuse of an aircraft swap, but I trust them.
They stopped paying expat allowances by calling everyone, irrespective of experience, cadets, but I trust them.
They ignored a signed agreement with the Adelaide instructors, but I trust them.
They became the only mainline airline in the world to introduce a productivity pay system while not giving crew any control over their productivity, but I trust them.
They sacked employees for making political comments on social media, but I trust them.
BUT, if they don’t comply with every clause of cxorcist’s contract then they’ve lost my trust.”

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