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Originally Posted by cxorcist View Post
Thank you for proving my point.
Cxorcist, there are lots like him, ignore it. Many of us can relate to your longer earlier post.
I'd wager our backgrounds are similar, and at the risk of our newer snowflake generation throwing the same barbs at me, it's pointless trying to explain to them.
Unless they've ever strapped into an ejection seat, launched in a fully loaded combat aircraft, and understand if you are flying over areas where if you eject, and survive, you stand an even chance of having your nuts relocated to your mouth, they will never understand.
They'll never understand how you have the trust to depend on a wingman, meet solid folk who stay lifelong mates, and how those years of military service mold you into an individual with integrity, who becomes principled, and who hates BS.
In short, they just do not have the age and maturity to understand where you're coming from.
The cold hard reality of commercial aviation downsizing may soon be a rather rude awakening for them.
To all, whether you're a brushwing snowflake, an oldie, or somewhere in between, I wish you well in the forthcoming restructure.
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