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Originally Posted by ld0595 View Post
I really think this is great news for Dundee. LCY is a far better airport for business traffic and there are a huge number of NI students which hopefully should use the service to Belfast. Hopefully we'll see a reinstatement of the Amsterdam or Manchester service in the long term, but I don't think Loganair would be the right carrier unless there were connections - particularly for long haul.
DND has had BHD before with flybe, but the prices were always pretty high way out of the reach of most students who made us of lower cost flights from GLA/EDI/PIK to Ireland. Hopefully Loganair can keep the costs low enough to make the route viable, same with LCY, although if that's business oriented it shouldn't be much of an issue.

I'd like to see AMS back again, Flybe were an absolute disgrace the way they dropped the route after so much faffing about with it. Loganair should have a serious look at the route as it was popular the last time and as things calm down with covid restrictions, they could make a success of it, especially if they can use it as a KLM feeder.
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