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I am sure Parkfell can answer eloquently for himself but there is a lot of discussion taking place across PPRuNe forums about possible training in the middle of this unprecedented coronavirus pandemic. The summary is that it will be very difficult for these newly qualified trainees to compete for the limited available future jobs against the sad but definite large numbers of unemployed experienced pilots and in particular that anyone considering integrated training and having to take loans would be strongly advised against this.
If money is no object then as long as people know the risk then of course integrated training can be considered but even then the backers ( in a lot of case parents) should be thinking very very carefully about the risk of paying for a training that certainly doesn't guarantee a job or return on investment.
The implication is that the training schools might be dropping their selection standards compared to the pre-Covid time in order to fill their places. Some training schools like many airlines may not survive and money spent with them may be lost- google cabair for just one example from the past.
I think any prospective trainee, and importantly their financial backer ( if they have one ) should spend a bit of time reading the posts related to this which are easily available on this site.This is definitely more important than any mathematics or physics you might study.

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