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Originally Posted by 1000tolevel View Post
Not really related to the 777, but...
Can a DAL pilot be dual-qualified to fly a 737 one week then a 757 the next? What about Relief Pilots? THX.
I don't know about Delta specifically but I think in general the answer is no. In the past some airlines allowed management pilots to be qualified on more than one aircraft type but as far as I know this practice has been abandoned in the U.S. for the last couple of decades or so.

Similarly, relief pilots will normally be qualified on only one major aircraft type in my experience.

But I may be wrong, after all the mergers over the years some interesting legacy procedures and practices still exist.

Some type ratings normally cover different variations of an aircraft with a similar cockpit e.g. B-757 and B-767, A310 and A300-600 and B-747-400 and B-747-8.

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