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Originally Posted by cappt View Post
That's good to see! This is a country on the move, we can't sit still for too long, people are getting edgy. The 2.2 million forecasted dead by that UK expert (cheater) was a hoax.
People are getting edgy?? What, after just 8 weeks?
So symptomatic of the last 2-3 generations of petulant children ( now Ďadultsí), that canít stand the slightest bit of inconvenience in their lives.
Recent VE/ANZAC remembrance services reminded my of the hardship people went though 70 years ago; 5-6 YEARS of the same shit we are experiencing now- except a LOT worse!
Also demonstrative of the type of Society we have built is the fact that large numbers of businesses and individuals cannot even support themselves for a month without Government support.

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