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Originally Posted by procede View Post
I thought the 200LR is basically the same airframe as the 200F. Converting a 200 should not be an issue, if you can convert a -300, as long as you can find airframes that are worth it (not too many hours and cycles) and there is enough demand.
For starters, the floor on the F is significantly stronger than the LR, then there’s issues like where is all the wiring, ducting, cables etc in the fuselage and will they have to be moved to cut the cargo door? P2F development programmes are not cheap. Before everything went to hell, it was looking like plenty of 77Ws would be exiting passenger service in the coming years as they were replaced by newer models. Freighters tend to max out on volume before weight, so the 77W is a more attractive candidate than the 200 models.
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