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Originally Posted by nighthawk117 View Post
Theres one reason why they might choose to do this... the economics are maybe better than everyone around here thinks. PIK is a business like any other, and if the way to profitability was as simple as closing the terminal, then they'd have done so years ago. The fact it is still open suggests its not that simple.
They’re owned by politicians who want to keep jobs, facilities and return PIK to the “glory days”. Now, imagine the headlines of closing the terminal building. No UK passenger operator is going to open an operation at PIK. It was damned hard to get Buzz, flyglobespan and bmi baby/Air Wales before the bubble days of Ryanair, and those businesses all failed. The definition of insanity is continuing to the same thing expecting a different result. Even before COVID19 PIK were irrelevant in the UK passenger market, they have been since FR opened up EDI and GLA. Even if FR pulled out of GLA, there’s little benefit to PIK in the current market.

But PIK’s big old white elephant terminal survives because of politics, just like when George Younger was the local MP, it’s wrapped in politics.

Originally Posted by TRN1K View Post
Really? That would be a very costly exercise in itself. Having to move all of the security equipment, check in, carousels, immigration, making it big enough for a lounge whilst all being DfT compliant at the same time...
Or to put the business perspective, it would be a necessary investment to reduce losses and right size the business to a firmer footing. The passenger facilities required by FR don’t include a lounge.
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