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Originally Posted by willy wombat View Post
TRN1K - the problem with your suggestion that once things start to recover, PIK could attract new passenger airlines by pricing is that GLA and EDI will both also be desperate for new traffic which they will also try to attract by pricing, and they have the upper hand in terms of location. It really confuses me as to why PIK hangs on to its 1960s terminal for a handful of FR flights which will not be paying more than a pittance and if anyone would like to explain the economics of this I would be interested.
Theres one reason why they might choose to do this... the economics are maybe better than everyone around here thinks. PIK is a business like any other, and if the way to profitability was as simple as closing the terminal, then they'd have done so years ago. The fact it is still open suggests its not that simple.
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