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Originally Posted by TRN1K View Post
seems odd that everyone is convinced the CAF business was poached when it appeared to happen as a pandemic gripped the mainland UK. Letís not forget the initial missions were booked into PIK and allegedly switched last minute due to an issue out with the airports control. Hotels I believe? Only a handful remain open locally still to this day.

As some others have suggested there is welcome business come the other way in the form of the C40ís and Qatar Emiri C17 albeit we need more of it. Proof there is life in the old dog yet.

Whilst the Canadian stuff is a sore loss during this mess there is an argument to suggest it may only be temporary and sporadic. Letís hope it returns.

Hopeful also that when passenger traffic does return the airport may be in a position to offer a better cost saving deal to potential airlines who have been hit hard during the shut down.

interesting months ahead for the industry as a whole.
My point is though, there has been accommodation for Kuwait, Qatari and I believe 1 CAF came back to do back to back overnights. Accommodation was also available for the Volga crew, so I don`t think we can use lack of hotel rooms as a
viable reason for them being in Belfast. After all, they should be in exactly the same position as Prestwick re accommodation. Anyway, hopefully a good outcome is still possible with the buyer, although i`m sure they will be looking to get it at a
far lower price now.
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