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Originally Posted by fergusd View Post
The harder the lockdown the faster it passes, the UK gov have been lax and incompetent, perhaps intentionally (i.e. they are murderers), so it'll last longer and cost more lives and to the economy . . . whether you voted for a smart *rse latin talking chimp who is absolutely incapable of dealing with this (or any other) issue, only you will know . . . if you did . . . chapeau . . . you get what you asked for . . .
The lockdown was never meant to be until this "passes". The purpose was never to get rid of the virus. The sole purpose was to "protect the NHS". Given that the much trumpeted Nightingale hospital in London never got above 1% of capacity, and ITUs across the country (like the one my wife works in) never came close to using the excess capacity and staff that they'd co-opted, the clear implication is that the lockdown came too soon.

I don't think the government's handling has been lax at all, and that is exactly the problem. It has made scared political decisions, in thrall to a baying media who have whipped up public terror constantly throughout this fiasco. This proposed 14 day quarantine is another unwelcome, ultimately unenforceable knee jerk reaction to be seen to be doing something useful.
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