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Douglas Bahada
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Deaths still keep on occurring. Hospitals still mainly empty, Non Covids dropping like flies for lack of treatment. Apparently the UK is one of the only countries not screening new arrivals. Yet we are on a downward trend.

​​​​​​Now we want to impose a two week quarantine. It's non sensical. We are closed for business.

18% of the UK population are over the age of 65. They are at most risk and account for 80% of deaths. So we shut down our society. Furlough our taxpayers and bankrupt our future to provide protection to people who are in no position to contribute financially to society.

The lunatics are running the asylum.

Before people start on about the heartlessness of this we all need to consider risk. Something we as pilots should do routinely. Does the risk to over 65s warrant the risk to the economy and future generations. I say no.

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