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so as Airlines look to save costs you may find that the recruitment policies begin to mirror that seen prior to the 2015 recruitment boom.
Im with you on that to a point, sure the TP guys and non 73/bus types will be out in the cold. However I can’t help but think that there will be a glut of experienced right and left seaters with the worlds most useful type ratings ready to hit the ground running. Training depts will be run ragged just getting furloughed crews back on the line, the amount of back logged checks will be horrendous. Pile that in with the recent pain of no revenue I very much doubt there are going to be any seats going for rookies with zero airline experience. Contraction in capacity seems inevitable, these businesses are in preservation mode. Less aircraft, less sectors the industry has been and will be strangled by this. Whatever scraps are left over will be hard fought for by experienced type rated crew.
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