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[QUOTE=mattyj;10750126]Sorry for sidetrack but for the 2000 hour FO/cadets out there, howís about taking this time to go back to GA and do a little real flying..maybe do an instructor rating and pass on some of your knowledge? If thereís any money in your account then going on some cross country missions in a light plane is an awesome way to spend a nice afternoon..and it might keep some aeroclubs out of insolvency.[/QUOTE

This must be one of the most out of touch comments Iíve seen on PPRuNe. You really think at this time thereís going to be an abundance of student PPLís or schools desperate for instructors! GA flying is a luxury and letís face it you could probably earn more driving a multi drop delivery van than instructing PPLís. The 2000hr guys will likely have training loans to repay/mortgage kids etc.

Saying your going off to do an hour in a c152 is a waste of money, if money is tight for a recently made redundant FO. Would be better saving the money to keep your rating current in the sim.
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