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Originally Posted by advent View Post
Again, another one.. My word .. Pilots... Yes the professional ones... Please, oh please prove to me that we are not left alone to wander the internet looking for signs of CRM? Is it the remit of everyone on this website to mock and make fun of an absolutly normal, honest post?

Bite at anyone? No, of course not .. But, in my time when asked an honest question. One would normally give an open and honest answer, not some foolhardy comment intended only to gain feedback such as this... Hey ho.. So the same question to you.. Do you have any positive information in reply to the original question of this thread?

I like all of us am staring down the barrel of unemployment. Going crazy flicking through daytime tele (which doesn't seem to have improved despite everyday now being practically a Sunday?) and looking out at the good weather thinking how a nice 4 sector day across our fine British Isles would go down. I moan like I always did, but enjoying a good moan and talking nonsense all day with a captain who's on his 4th divorce is something I do miss. Those overpriced hotel dinners with our good acquaintances from down the back, some smart, some pretty, some questionable ... ahhh. At home no one seems to enjoy complaining like we did at work. No less moaning about all the moaning. The cabin crew? what on earth are they moaning about now. Indeed I feel out of place in my domicile.

Alas it isn't going to be returning anytime soon. I agree with your idea. Though I don't quite have 5 to 20 years experience ... it will be a lot harder for those like me to find another job.

Nevertheless we shall prevail, battered and bruised our careers may be, though our spirit is sure to be enhanced through these tumultuous times of ours.

Anyhow a quick search of employment offers shows that if you have more than 1000 hours jet ... there are opportunities in EVA on the 787 and various other far east carriers. I don't fit the bill however ... anyone something to offer in return?
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