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Originally Posted by truckflyer View Post
I believe that one line, tells me everything about you. Poor little millennial, who spent his mummies and daddies money to become a pilot, some of us worked 15 hour shifts to save enough money to take a flying lesson, and did not have Mums and Dads bank to sponsor us.

You seem like a real over-privileged knob, no wonder nobody liked you in the flight deck.

I mean that you are dumb enough to even write that, just shows how that you are out of touch with reality. I guess you worked hard for that that hard earned family money, did you?
Grow up and grow a pair, and stop being such a snowflake. I had my first flying lesson when I was 17, I completed my training and got my first airline job at the age of 42, in between that I had a great life doing loads of other stuff that I loved.

But I worked hard for my dream, and sure every day is not perfect, sure there are ups and downs, however most of what you are writing is pure nonsense and fabrication, just because you want somebody to fell sorry for you, well here is some advice, get over it!
I guess your inheritance have been reduced now, as you squandered it on flight training boo hoo.
What a horrid and toxic post; seems like itís a regular thing for you, chip on the shoulder much?

As the above poster has said, nobody cares how you got to row 0. No one route makes you any more worthy than another
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