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Originally Posted by SaulGoodman View Post
yes so did many others who are now paying their salaries. 9500 is a figure that you cannot explain to taxpayers. Donít get me wrong, I have nothing against their salaries, that is, when it is paid for by the company. Not by the taxpayers. This should be capped.

*just looked it up online. Max unemployment fee is 219 euro/day (with a max of 37000/yr) I donít see why it should be different in this case...
its becouse they are not unemployed!
those pilots also have mortgage to pay, maybe alimony, 3 ex wives etc.
dont forget their normal salary is roughly double that, so 9500 is a massive unexpected paycut.

Lufthansa, Cargo and Germanwings, at least for the next 3 months:
captain: 85%, Senior FO 86%, and FO 87% of their normal net income.
This normally runs until the end of 2020, but longer is an option.
after this program is stopped, its forbidden to lay off cockpit crew for the 3 months after that

8 or more holidays a month gives you 100% salary
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